Why a Memory Foam Mattress is Good for You

What are the Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress?

memory foam mattress testimonialSo you have heard about memory foam mattresses. You might be wondering if it really deserves all the hype it gets or is it just part of another elaborate marketing campaign designed to take our hard-earned cash off our wallets.

Were gonna turn this thing inside out and really decipher the actual benefits of these insanely expensive memory foam mattresses and find out if they are worth every penny guys from Tempur-Pedic are charging us. So here’s what I have to say about the issue…

Memory Foam Mattress Relieves Pressure

One of the main reasons (aside from the hubby snoring) I don’t sleep well is because I find it hard to “settle” in my bed and find that “comfortable” position. All too often, I would feel that my hips are taking all my body weight so I try another position. Then a few minutes later I have to reposition again I feel discomfort on my lower back. This happens because my old bed is “pushing” against me as I sleep. This caused constriction points at certain areas of my body (depending on my position) and the result is discomfort.

However, when I slept on my new Queen Memory foam mattress, I can sense the viscoelastic foam just melting at the points where my body meets the bed. As a result, I can feel that my weight is distributed evenly thereby eliminating those uncomfortable constriction points.

Another reason why memory foam mattresses are so effective in relieving pressure while I sleep is that it “remembers” the contour of my body when I lie on top of it (this is the very reason why they are called memory foam mattresses in the first place). What this means is that it supports my body weight even at the contoured portions of my body so that my hips don’t get all the pressure.

I’ve never had a more restful, deeper and more satisfying sleep before I had my 12” Queen Memory Foam Mattress.

What Science has to say about Memory Foam Mattresses

Scientific research has been done before that validates my experience. They have rigged high-tech equipment that monitor pressure exerted against the body as a person lays on a memory foam mattress.

They found out that on average, certain parts of the body a person would only experience 15mmHg of pressure while on a memory foam mattress. Test showed that on conventional beds, a person will feel up to 30mmHg! That’s about 50% less!

Memory Foam Mattress Buying Tips

Here is a very informative video I got from YouTube that has good memory foam buying tips:

Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

Here’s what another memory foam mattress owner had to say:

When I woke up after the first night on my new memory mattress, I noticed that I was missing the normal backache and sore shoulders that I have been suffering from for months now. I was very surprised at how effective it was!

Mr. Hasegawa, California.

That’s it! I hope we were able to answer some (if not all) of your questions about memory foam mattresses!

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